I make self-love accessible, practical and fun – even women that think they love themselves, tell me these books woke them up to their relationship with themselves… and to their relationships with others. Check out these best-selling books, I wrote them for you!

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Sometimes you just need to plug into the vibration that opens your heart, connects you to yourself, and allows you to access your divine wisdom. I’ve made these meditations to guide and support you to do just that.

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40 day practices

Want to take your self-love to another level? Allow me to be your guide. If you focus on anything for 40-days you can change your life – I’d love to spend 40 days with you breaking through to new levels of happiness, freedom, love and more.

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mini courses

Sometimes you just need a boost of transformation in a specific area of your life. SO I made these 90-minute sessions for you. Taped from my live evening lectures and classes, you’ll feel like you are right there. Includes video, audio & worksheets.

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self-love jewerly

I believe that wearing touchstones on your body to keep you feeling connected to love is one of the most beautiful gifts we can give ourselves. So I’ve made some love tokens for you & found others I love.

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love art

Having images around you that inspire you, make you feel loved, remind you to stay true to yourself no matter what make it easier to act from a place of self-love. Get this art to generate love for yourself, or send it to someone you love to remind them how loved they are.

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