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Freedomcast: Clear the Fear & Liberate Your Heart to Lead

“Your power ends precisely where your fear begins.” – Melissa Etheridge. That says it all. And why today I’m inviting you to tune into your heart and see what fear is lurking underneath the surface, driving your choices, and creating unnecessary stress or suffering for you. Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time: “Freedomcast: […]
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Recharge Rituals: the Feminine Power of “Daily Downshifting”

Recharge Rituals: The Feminine Power of Daily Downshifting – you’ll love this new way of ending your day, hours before you ever climb into bed Daily, your body needs to recharge. Your mind needs to rest. Your spirit to restore. But 8 hours of sleep a night won’t do it. The yogis have known for thousands of years that it’s […]
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Are You OVER Giving? 9 ways you over give and deplete yourself

Feminine Power Time: Are You Over Giving? – tune in to your heart & soul and let’s find out This week for Feminine Power Time, I felt inspired and compelled to deepen a conversation that too often stays on the surface. We all talk about self-care, admit we feel stretched and overwhelmed, try to do […]
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The Comparison Cure: Stop Criticizing Yourself and Start Loving Yourself

THE COMPARISON CURE: Transform Self Criticism into Self Love – tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time. In this Feminine Power Time I bring out the big self love guns and divine feminine wisdom to give you a boost to elevate out of the emotional and mental turmoil and energy drain that comparing yourself to […]
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