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I love working with people ready for change, committed to following their soul’s path, even if that means doing things differently than everyone else, which it often does. I personally mentor & offer this kind of personal transformational experience for a small number of people each year because I believe there are times in our lives when we need someone to hold space for us, to reflect, witness, share wisdom, challenge, and focus in ways we just can’t do on our own.

What you’ll find on this page are some brief details, but ultimately if we are meant to work together, we will have a conversation, and make the commitment to each other to co-create an experience that supports you, stretches you, reveals things inside you, and expands you into new awarenesses & realities you’ve perhaps only been thinking of, but are ready to make manifest in your day to day life.

Step One: Read what’s here & feel into it. Could this be a fit for the support, guidance and shift you are seeking?

Step Two: If it feels like a YES or MAYBE, complete the short application/questionnaire, which will help you get clear on what you’re looking for & help us determine if we are a good match.

Step Three: Let’s talk. Once we receive your application, a member of my team will reach out and if it seems like we could be a good fit, we will set up a time to connect & talk.


There are times in your life when you need to re-align & re-design your life to be in harmony with all parts of you – your heart’s desires, soul path, sacred work, self-expression, personal wellbeing, financial flow & relationships. What I like to call the 8 Petals of Harmony:

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Some shifts you can make on your own or through a weekend retreat or class, but when you are ready for big shift that elevates you & your life to a new level of operating, that’s where Harmonize & I work best.

Those that are most suited for transformational mentorship with Christine are:

  • Ready & ‘ripe’ to make shifts in your life from the inside out – you are looking for transformation not just more information
  • Have experienced success in some parts of your life but in others struggle – and don’t want to sacrifice any part of your life, health, or self anymore
  • Desire to go deeper spiritually – gain access to ancient wisdom, and learn to apply & practice this spiritual wisdom in your day-to-day life at a more powerful and consistent level
  • Open to exploring the “feminine powered” ways of living, working and leading – where you don’t have to push, effort, control, try so hard, or feel like it’s all on your shoulders.
  • Interested in intentionally redefining what success means to you – so that your life force is focused on what matters most.
  • Willing to create new rhythms and patterns that create a more sustainable, supportive & successful lifestyle – where all parts of you are nourished and flourish.
  • Ready to strengthen yourself physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities that life brings so you can do more of what you love, take care of who you love & be the woman/man you desire to be.

A 5-month mentorship starting with
a 1-Day In Person Retreat Just Me & You (virtual also possible)

  • A powerful 5-month ‘transformational container’ we create with intention & focus based on what you want to shift and cause in your life, and on what I help you reveal & see. Why 5 months? 5 means transformation and leads into a new level of harmony, grace and alignment with your great work. We will create a new structure and harmony to your life that supports who you are and what your heart & soul desire to create, now.
  • We begin with a 1-Day Personal Retreat. One day focused completely on you – where we dive deep into all the realms that lead to a Harmonized life – physical, spiritual, material, mental, emotional, sacred work, and self expression. You will leave the 1-Day Personal Retreat with a personalized:
    • plan & map for your transformational journey that will create the spiritual foundation & the new pattern for creating sustainable, aligned & truly abundant success.
    • daily spiritual & physical practice for increasing your vitality, releasing stress, and opening up your intuitive channels to keep your mind clear & focused on what matters most
    • equation of what success is for you taking into account health & wealth on all 8 levels
    • “Alignment inventory” to gauge what’s out of alignment, what’s needing alignment, and where the unnecessary pressure & stress are stealing your life force
    • understanding of where you are weak in your feminine power & over using your masculine drive, with a plan for getting them to work in harmony for you
    • ** If you cannot come for a full day in person retreat, you can do a Virtual Retreat, in the form of a 3-hour session with me via video stream.  And I recommend the in person retreat if it is possible logistically. There is something powerful about this land + the sole focus on you, with us in person working together that is super powered. 
  • Re-aligned & re-stored, you’ll be ready to meet your life and use our mentorship to make shift happen. We’ll have 8 one-hour Harmonize & Catalyze sessions together, over the phone or video. Your life will become the laboratory for the shifts your soul is ready for. Together we will rise to meet what comes, keep you focused, and keep deepening and transforming together.
  • I’ll be here for you, with you – in between sessions – for 5 months. I only take a few people because I am holding space for you even when we aren’t together. The people I work with become people I care about, and make myself accessible to via email and text to celebrate, give a boost or intuitive guidance to, or just witness.
  • Option for In Person Retreat – Bainbridge Island, just off the coast of Seattle – Held at my home sanctuary, located on Puget Sound, we will use the trees, water and land as part of the healing process.
  • We’ll complete with a powerful ending Harmony Session to reflect on what you’ve gained, lock in the wisdom, & set you up for success for your path ahead. 









Bainbridge Island, Seattle

* Note: Those who have done a personal retreat with me tell me that it has been life changing, which is why we begin with the intensive in person together. And I do work with people in Australia & Europe and other parts of the world who can’t get to the U.S. so we can use video technology to do your retreat from home.

Time & Financial Investment:

  • Option 1: Full Day 1:1 Personal retreat + 5 months personal mentorship: $6500
    (lodging & airfare not included, payment options available)
  • Option 2: Virtual 3-Hour Retreat + 5 months personal mentorship: $4900
    (payment options available)


I asked some of the people I’ve recently mentored to share their experience with you – here’s what they told me to tell you:

karin bauerChristine fearlessly guided me to go beyond what I thought was possible to expand my vision of my self and purpose. This process is not for the faint of heart, or for those who just want to paint inside the lines. She’s like a personal trainer for catalyzing spiritual discovery, expansion, and manifestation in people who are ready to accept that possibility and make it real. Christine has guided me to come into my own as a feminine leader and has given me practical tools to create my life from a place of wisdom, grounded intuition and passionate activism.

– Karin Bauer, MBA, Ph.D.c Angel Investor and Advisor

claudine wooWhen I met Christine, I was torn between the life I knew, and the one I knew was possible, but had no idea how to create on my own. Christine has an uncanny ability to know what was needed during the times when I would resist making the change I wanted to make. Her ability to understand during those critical moments is what helped me make the shift I needed. She provided the right combination of wisdom, kindness and catalytic energy to help me emerge with the life I truly desired.

– Claudine Woo, Startup Advisor, Storyteller, Scientist

jen toddThe way Christine uses her intuition, spiritual connection and divine guidance, and presence is inspiring and amazing. I can always count on her to ZOOM right into the real deeper issue of what’s holding me back or see and reflect back the light and vision in me that I can’t put words on yet. She always holds me and sees me in my greatest potential, which reminds me of WHO I REALLY AM. Christine has taught me about the value and power of the feminine side of leadership and life. I honestly had no idea when I first started working with her that I had repressed that part of me so deeply. Working in corporate America for so long, moving up the ranks and then starting my own business, I only knew one way of succeeding. Now that I have cultivated the feminine side of leading, I work differently, I coach differently and leading is easier and so much more impactful.

– Jen Todd, CEO, Breakthrough Partners Inc. & Founder/Executive Director of the Women of Pokot & Value Girls Globally

amyjo mattheisChristine is and will always be one of the mentors who rocked my world so that I can rock the world too. If you are seeking real change that is all encompassing, then Christine is for you. This is not compartmentalized mentoring. This touches all parts of you. Through Christine, I received practices that changed how I work, plan, engage and show up. She guided me to see my wisdom and special gifts to give to the world.

– AmyJo Mattheis, Executive Director of Sacred Feminine Non Profit

gretchen bladekI had been in the corporate world for so long that a lot of my thinking around success and leadership pulled from the “do more model” which led me to over-work and burn out. Christine taught me about the power and strength that comes from living in alignment and flow. She helped me see feminine leadership in a new light, and see that the strong female leaders I admired had qualities that I also possess. If you want to grow, open your mind, deepen your spiritual connection, quiet the inner critic inside of you and live the wildly authentic life you were meant to live – then Christine is a powerful mentor.

– Gretchen Bladek, Technology Consultant

I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the short amount of time I spent with Christine. I learned how to move from a place of always rescuing & helping others and instead learn how to hold space for them while honoring my commitment to myself to never settle for less than my heart and soul desires. Christine taught me how to tap into my inner wisdom and open my heart which allowed me to love myself more and to let others in. As a result, I am now in a very loving relationship and have a wonderful circle of friends. Working with Christine also gave me the courage to leave my successful job in the corporate world and pursue my passion of starting my own business.

– Stacey Manes, VP of HR and Recruiting

About Christine Arylo as a Mentor & Catalyst

harmonize christine arylo photoFor the people I choose to work with 1:1, I bring all of me, the full spectrum of my experience and wisdom as a transformational teacher, spiritual guide, visionary leader M.B.A., former corporate executive and marketing strategy consultant, best-selling published author, conscious entrepreneur, international speaker, happily married woman in sacred partnership, certified yogini specializing in Vitality & Stress.It’s not every day you find all these rolled into one!

I’ll share with you everything I’ve learned from all my walks of life – so you can transform yours faster and with more grace.

I could list all of my accomplishments here but you can find them all on my website at www.ChristineArylo.com. What’s most important for you to know is that I work with people as a transformational catalyst, feminine leadership advisor and spiritual guide because I’ve done the work and taken the journey myself, and I’m still on it. I’ve reinvented my self, elevated my reality, dove deep into some of the most powerful spiritual traditions and ancient wisdom, and I’ve put it all to use practically in how I live my life, run my business, serve the world, show up in my relationships, and show up for myself. And I’ve taught it to others who have prospered & flourished as a result. I love holding transformational space for people. It’s one of my gifts. Now, I offer it you.

I am clear about who I am here to work with & mentor. If we are meant to work together, I know we will.

The question for you is – are you ready to shift?
Open to going deeper within yourself?
Willing to create the life your heart and soul feels inside,
one in which you truly thrive?

Then, tell me more about you, complete the application,
and we’ll go from there
and see if we are a fit to Harmonize.

to apply click here

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