Feminine Power & Relationships: Fight with Grace Not Fear

How do we show up in our power AND keep an open heart when we are mad, hurt, disappointed or in conflict with another person? What does Feminine Power look like when you want to scream, blame, or [...]


Stay Calm In The Chaos: Practices & Wisdom for Keeping Your Field Clear

** PRESS HERE TO LISTEN TO FEMININE POWER TIME** OR **CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD it from ITUNES, it’s free.** OR … You can also download & listen via * STITCHER RADIO APP [...]


Do Your Part for Peace: A Call to the Human Heart

Do Your Part for Peace: A Call to the Human Heart. Special Solstice Power Pause In a world that at times seems to have gone mad, what can you do? How should you feel? What is your part to [...]


Sister Love: Honor the Women You Love… and make a woman’s day

We women are so busy we rarely have the time to slow down long enough to appreciate and acknowledge the other women in our lives who we admire, who inspire us and who we are grateful for. Which [...]


Should You Trust Other Women?

SHOULD I TRUST OTHER WOMEN? This is a question I think every woman has asked in her life… and there is an answer and some really essential practices every woman needs to put in place to [...]


Give Up Negative Self Talk! – – – Choose Supportive Self-Love Talk

What if you could give up negative self-talk? Watch this self-love divine spark for your heart Here’s the straight self-love truth.. Just like giving up any negative toxic habit – like biting [...]


Are You Free to Love?

Are You Free to Love? Many of us say that we want love We spend tons of energy Sometimes even money On trying to find it But then I wonder Are we really open to receiving it Once it shows up on [...]


3 Rules of LOVE — Make sure you attract more love, not less, into your life.

As a culture and as human beings, we spend just about as much time talking about and thinking about our relationships, and our relationship status as we do about how we are going to pay our bills [...]


FEEL SUPPORTED… how to get the support you deserve without selling yourself out

Top 5 Reasons People DON’T Get the Support and Relationships they Want … and What You Need Instead 1. You expect things people can’t give you. You are putting the wrong [...]


Become Wealthy in Love

The only person that gets to decide how wealthy you are in love or not is YOU! Watch the video above to get inspired on how to become wealthy in love and then take the 3 love dares that are all [...]