Confessions & Strategies of a Recovering Control Addict

HI Sister or Brother Control Addict – yes, it’s okay, you can admit that like most of us human beings you love to control. Well, maybe not love, but you can’t seem to help [...]


Stop OverDoing and Start Receiving More

SELF LOVE DARE: CHOOSE ONE BLOCK TO RECEIVING & CHOOSE TO RELEASE IT notice how this block shows up in your life, and when it shows up, instead of shutting the self love down, open up and [...]


Why Successful Wo/men Will Do Less in 2011

What if I told you that you could get more done by doing less? Would you believe me? Would you nod your head like you did believe me, even agree to try some of the crazy things I asked you to [...]


Date Night With Your Inner Wisdom

The Wisdom of Pause at Winter Solstice Inside of me there is a great space Full of wisdom and joy, Love and happiness… I am just too busy to visit For more than a few moments… You see [...]


Every Woman is the Queen of Her Own Heart

On Sunday October 17th, I had the GREAT honor of spending the afternoon with 19 amazing, fabulous, powerful women who have all given themselves in service to bringing forward transformational [...]


7 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

We live in a time when we are constantly bombarded with images, ideas and sound bytes that tell us who we should be, could be and ought to be. Unless you live in a cave, you can’t escape [...]


The 7 Blocks to Receiving Peace, Love & Happiness

On June 22nd, I along with hundreds of women started on a 40-day virtual retreat called the Summer of Self Love… our mission? To take the pressure of having to do, be and have it all [...]


The Feminine Super Power of ‘Receiving’ … Giving Up the Push for the Invitation

The year I left my corporate job in 2007, I named “The year of receiving”… I always pick a mantra for the year based on the quality that I really want to bring into my life and [...]


What History Left Out of Herstory

In honor of Women’s History Month, I have to out myself.  As an educated mba from one of the best educations in the country, I have been ignorant to the truth of our history as women. Sure, [...]


So What’s Winter Soltice Got to Do with Self-Love?

If you are like me, you probably grew up knowing nothing about Winter Soltice, except for noticing it on a calendar. As you grew up you probably learned that Dec 21st was in fact the shortest day [...]