Feminine Power Time #66: Relationships: Create the love, connection, support, community you desire, on purpose

Feminine Power Time Episode #66: Harvest More of What You Want in Your Relationships By Year’s End #3 of 3 in this Series on Self Empowerment & Relationships Feminine Power Time with [...]


Cultivating Circles of Sisterhood – connection and support doesn’t just happen, you create it

Cultivating Circles of Sisterhood: Connection & Support Doesn’t Just Happen… You create it We need sisterhood more than ever. Not just one friend or one group of women we relate [...]


Strengthen Your Sisterhood: Deepen Your Connection + Create Your Sisterhood Circle

Strengthening Your Sisterhood: Deepen Your Connections + Create Your Sisterhood Circle We need sisterhood. And I don’t use that word ‘need’ lightly. But in this case it is true. [...]


Shadow of Sisterhood: Betrayal, Competition & More that Destroys the Feminine Core

The Shadow of Sisterhood: Betrayal, Competition & More that Destroys the Feminine Core Our strength as women has always come from our bonds to the women in our lives. When the bonds are [...]


Feminine Power & Relationships: Fight with Grace Not Fear

How do we show up in our power AND keep an open heart when we are mad, hurt, disappointed or in conflict with another person? What does Feminine Power look like when you want to scream, blame, or [...]


Should You Trust Other Women?

SHOULD I TRUST OTHER WOMEN? This is a question I think every woman has asked in her life… and there is an answer and some really essential practices every woman needs to put in place to [...]


Self Love Isn’t A Dirty Word

It’s day 11 of my self-love journey of taking care of me first, and my answer of how to do that today is that I need to write this blog, today for me and for every woman and girl out there [...]


Your girlfriend’s in the self-love dumpster, what do you do to help her climb out?

Being Wise… taking in the wisdom across generations by Christine, age 37 Whether it’s the girlfriend that calls crying hysterically on the phone because her heart has been broken, or [...]


Have you ever had to “break up” with a girlfriend or been “broken up” with?” If not, what’s the real deal about staying friends forever?

Olive, Age 13, says: The whole concept of breaking up with friends at my age is a little unrealistic. Yes I have been broken up with but it was more just hints. They gave them, I read them, I [...]