From Burnout to Balance: A Feminine Super Power Salon with Christine Arylo

Please Enjoy this special soul-invoking, illuminating salon, focused on a topic that I see so many struggle with: BURNOUT. Click here to download and audio file of this event You know… the [...]


Sister Love: Honor the Women You Love… and make a woman’s day

We women are so busy we rarely have the time to slow down long enough to appreciate and acknowledge the other women in our lives who we admire, who inspire us and who we are grateful for. Which [...]


Should You Trust Other Women?

SHOULD I TRUST OTHER WOMEN? This is a question I think every woman has asked in her life… and there is an answer and some really essential practices every woman needs to put in place to [...]


What Gloria Steinem Taught Me About Being A Woman

I had a question that had been BURNING In my heart and mind for months – well years really – but for MONTHS Gloria Steinem would just pop up in my psyche as if trying to talk to me, [...]

We Burn Our Badges of Busyness

What are we teaching our girls? You can be anything. You can do anything. You can have anything. Now get going. There is much to do. So much that you will never feel like you’ve done it [...]


Why Smart Women Let Men Treat Them Badly

When I first met my husband Noah ten years ago, if you had met me, you would have thought to yourself, “Now here is a smart woman. She’s getting her m.b.a., great job, confident. Here [...]


Find Fabulous Friendships Faster

3 questions to get clear on who you really want to call ‘friend’ If you were asked, “What’s the biggest challenge you face to create the friendships you really [...]


Every Woman is the Queen of Her Own Heart

On Sunday October 17th, I had the GREAT honor of spending the afternoon with 19 amazing, fabulous, powerful women who have all given themselves in service to bringing forward transformational [...]


The Feminine Super Power of ‘Receiving’ … Giving Up the Push for the Invitation

The year I left my corporate job in 2007, I named “The year of receiving”… I always pick a mantra for the year based on the quality that I really want to bring into my life and [...]


What History Left Out of Herstory

In honor of Women’s History Month, I have to out myself.  As an educated mba from one of the best educations in the country, I have been ignorant to the truth of our history as women. Sure, [...]