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Grace Under Pressure: Beat Stress to Thrive

Grace Under Pressure: A different way to beat stress and thrive Trying to “manage” stress is like trying to manage a two year old – it doesn’t work and you will exhaust yourself trying to do it! In this Feminine Power Time episode, I’ll share some ancient yogic and divine feminine wisdom that I have modified for […]
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The Impatience Cure: Stop Pressuring Yourself to Be Where You Aren’t & Be Successful Now

Sometimes I feel like I am a card carrying member of the “Impatience Club,” how about you?  If you too can suffer from the dreaded disease of impatience, than this week’s Feminine Power Time is for you. You know you are a member if you do any of these things in your career, your relationship […]
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Strengthen Your Self Trust…make choices that support vs sabotage you

When a woman or girl knows how to tell the difference between the inner force that reacts from fear, shame and judgment and sabotages her and the inner force that guides her from loving truth, to respond in accordance to her truth, she gains ‘super power’. Super power to make the choices both small (in […]
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Female Friendship: Staying in Love Even When Your Feelings Get Hurt

Having strong, loving, open connections with other women is not just a nice to have, it’s essential to the health, happiness and wholeness of our hearts and soul’s as women. When we have sisterhood, we thrive. But how do we navigate our friendships when our feelings get hurt, or we get disappointed or we aren’t […]
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Feminine Power & Relationships: Fight with Grace Not Fear

How do we show up in our power AND keep an open heart when we are mad, hurt, disappointed or in conflict with another person? What does Feminine Power look like when you want to scream, blame, or make yourself right? Or maybe even avoid the challenging situation in a relationship all together? There is […]
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New Moon Meditation + Super Power Pause: Get Clear on Where to Focus Your Life Force… on what really matters most

Take a “Super Power Pause” with your heart & soul (and me!) to get clear on how to best focus your life force + resources. Tune into the video below. The new moon gives you super power to pause and tune into where you can best focus your life force so you receive what you […]
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Be the Love You Wish To See: Powerful Practices for Changing the World from the Inside Out

We are being called to BOTH keep our pulse on humanity’s heart do our part AND ALSO bring our focus into the places where we have the most power to make shift happen… inside our own hearts I’ve been dancing all week with the desire to do my part to serve others & the world AND the practice of […]
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