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Why do women get stuck in their opinions and harshly judge others, including friends, for theirs? What can we do differently?

Being Wise… taking in the wisdom across generations by Christine, age 37 Oh my gosh! Olive makes me remember that we start this bad behavior as teenagers with the “innocent” act of judging the girl next to us for her horrible fashion choices. Then, as we get older, the stakes get higher. We judge other women, […]
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What is the reality of having different opinions from a friend? How do you stay friends?

Being Wise… taking in the wisdom across generations by Christine, age 37 The thing that struck me most about the topic and blogs this month was the idea of respect. We all want it, but we don’t always give it. Relationships that work have it, ones without it don’t… and that goes for friends as well […]
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Have you ever had to “break up” with a girlfriend or been “broken up” with?” If not, what’s the real deal about staying friends forever?

Olive, Age 13, says: The whole concept of breaking up with friends at my age is a little unrealistic. Yes I have been broken up with but it was more just hints. They gave them, I read them, I found new friends. One experience I had is I tried to break up with a friend […]
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