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You Can’t Do Everything! A self compassion meditation to take the pressure off.

This self love blog post is a permission slip for you to do the best you can, and trust it’s enough… it’s an 11 minute meditation I made with Karen Drucker that’s featured on my Self Love Meditation Album that has the super power to shift your internal experience from self-criticism and judgment to self-compassion […]
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Pressure Relief for You – why we push ourselves so hard, and how to stop!

Watch the video, and find out where you are putting too much pressure on yourself… operating from the misunderstanding that pushing yourself and pressuring yourself is what makes you productive – WRONG!… get to the true heart desire underneath the pressure, and then take an act of self-love, invoke your feminine super power of COMPASSION, […]
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Divine Heart Spark: You Are Making A Difference… pause and watch this so you can feel the truth of how much you matter!

Press pause on the outside world and take 3 minutes to take care of your heart – emotionally, physically and spiritually – watch this Divine Spark from my heart to yours… & feel that you are making a difference. One of the biggest reasons you get down on yourself, or feel stressed out, or doubt […]
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Great Mother Love – For When Life Feels Heavy, Hard and Too Much

Watch this Great Mother Love video and meditation & surrender what’s weighing on your heart I don’t know why we think when we grow up that we are supposed to be all strong, and have it all together. That when we become parents or responsible adults that we won’t get scared or confused. That when […]
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