Be the Love You Wish To See: Powerful Practices for Changing the World from the Inside Out

We are being called to BOTH keep our pulse on humanity’s heart do our part AND ALSO bring our focus into the places where we have the most power to make shift happen… inside our own [...]


Stay Calm In The Chaos: Practices & Wisdom for Keeping Your Field Clear

** PRESS HERE TO LISTEN TO FEMININE POWER TIME** OR **CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD it from ITUNES, it’s free.** OR … You can also download & listen via * STITCHER RADIO APP [...]


The Feminine Super Power of Slowing Down: Trusting the Natural Flow

  The Feminine Super Power of Slowing Down – when you use it you make wise choices, create more harmony & get more done. When it’s absent from your life, you work harder, deplete [...]